About Me

Travel is my passion. I was raised in Germany by parents with a major case of wanderlust and began traveling at a very young age. My college vacations were spent with my parents wherever they lived: South America, Asia, Central and Eastern Europe mostly (yeah, it was awesome!). Although I’ve lived in many countries and cities, I now call California home. I have traveled by plane, subway, train, cruise ship, ferry, boat, bike, car and bus in over 45 countries, 6 continents and countless cities and towns.

Solo travel, class trips in Europe, study abroad, cruises, organized tours, college trips, Eurail, girl friend travel, family travel as a child, family travel as a parent, couples travel, I’ve done it all. Although I’ve stayed in everything from hostels to 5-star resorts, now that I’m a “grownup” budget travel and hostels are not my thing. Honestly, they never were!

Married for 28 years, I’ve traveled with my husband and later with two kids. Those kids are grown up now, in their twenties, so it’s time for David and I to tackle our bucket lists and travel as a couple again.

I pin all of my travels on a large framed atlas at home, hence the name of my blog Pinning My Maps! I definitively have my favorite places to go, Europe mostly. Germany will always be home in my heart, my mother was from there and I still have family in and around Munich that I visit every time I’m in Europe.

Food, glorious food. Some people eat to live, I live to EAT! Seriously, I’m obsessed with food and love cooking and dining out. In fact, I make a point to try local specialties when I travel, however I draw the line at insects, mystery meat, and spicy foods so hot your head explodes. Most of the local foods I’ve tried have been delicious, some have been downright disgusting!

What You Can Expect

  • This is my personal blog. Articles are written by me about places I’ve been to, travel tips, and advice I can offer from my many years traveling.
  • Any mistakes are my own, I’m human!
  • Tips on transportation, sightseeing, hotels, etc.. All of which I’ve done personally.
  • Food pictures and posts about restaurants, bars, etc. from my travels (expect food porn).
  • All opinions and recommendations are my own, I am not paid to advertise (yet), or peddle any products. And if I ever do get paid, I will only recommend products and places I actually like and use.

What You Won’t See

  • Pop-up advertisements. I hate them. For that matter, you won’t see any advertisements!
  • Professional photos: I’m an amateur, so I apologize in advance!
  • Packing light tips: No way. I’m a serial over-packer. I’ve never traveled with just a backpack or carry-on! Seriously, how do women do that?
  • Budget travel advice: Nope, not me. I don’t backpack, hitchhike, camp or stay in hostels.
  • Twenty-Something adventure travel: I’m not into risking my life, too many places to see!

My hope is to inspire you to pack your bags and travel and to offer some great tips for the novice wanderer. Leave me a comment or question whenever you feel like it, or send me an email. I will do my best to respond asap!