Ultimate Munich Food Shopping Experience

Warning: May contain food porn!

Cooking, dining out, kitchen shops, farmer’s markets, gourmet food shops…all are serious passions of mine. Munich is by far my favorite city to shop in, and Munich food shopping is the best! Well, to be honest, it is my favorite city in the world. My mother was born and raised outside of Munich and I still have family there. Yes, I can yodel, own several Dirndls and know all the words to the Bavarian drinking songs.

The best time to go is anytime! May & June is Spargel season (white asparagus), and restaurants feature special Spargel menus. Oktoberfest is always fun, just know that the city is crowded at that time and everyone is having a great (beer induced) time. December is magical, the Christmas markets are fabulous and food stores feature festive delicacies.

These are a few of my favorite places to food shop and drool.


Address: Dienerstraβe 14-15. Hours: Mon.-Thurs. 8 am-11 pm, Fri. 8 am-midnight, Sat. 9:30 am -midnight

Dallmayer is close to the Marienplatz (behind it) and is THE Munich food shopping place. It’s also my favorite food shop, so I’m mentioning it first. Famous for its coffee, it has been around since 1700. You’ll find spices, chocolate pralines, tea, coffee, condiments, ready made food, a bakery, butcher shop, veggies, fruit and everything else here. It’s one stop shopping for the true Foodie. There’s a Café Bistro where you can grab lunch or dinner.

Cheeses from all over Europe, samples are available!

Being a carnivore, I just want to press my face up against the glass.

That little girl wants to press her face up against the glass!

Cakes and pastries, perfect for an afternoon Kaffeeklatsch.

Plenty of small bites are available to host a spectacular cocktail party, a lot of these are in aspic.

Drooling yet?


Address: Viktualienmarkt 3. Hours: Monday-Friday 10 am-6 pm. Saturday 10 am-3 pm.

Viktualienmarkt is the city’s largest farmer’s market and an amazing Munich food shopping experience. Over 200 years old, spreading over 22,000 square meters, with 140 stalls and shops…one could spend days here. During December, 20 additional stalls are added as a mini Christmas Market. Centered around Munich’s maypole, it’s well worth the quick stroll from the Marienplatz.

There’s a Biergarten at the south end, so grab a Liter of beer and a Wurst to fortify yourself for more food shopping.

Butcher shops line the street next to the Viktualienmarkt. Those spiced ham hocks are calling my name.

Galeria Kaufhof

Address: Kaufingerstraβe 1-5. Hours: Monday-Saturday 9 am-8 pm.

Galeria Kaufhof is one of Germany’s largest department store chains, and the one on Kaufingerstraβe (on the corner of Marienplatz) is a flagship store. I love Kaufhof and could spend hours shopping for Dirndls, shoes, clothes, cosmetics, gifts. Sorry, I’m straying off topic.

Downstairs is a gourmet Munich food shopping market, with several bistro stands for a quick lunch or bite to eat. I always hit the candy first to buy myself a 100 gram mixed bag of chocolate truffles (white and milk chocolate). I polish those off while I buy items that I can’t get in California like certain Knorr sauce mixes, chocolate bars, and Haribo Gummi Bears (the ones they export taste different). The candy section is huge, especially during Christmas and Easter. Yes, I have a huge sweet tooth (and the cavities to prove it).

No, those aren’t salty pretzels and real sausage, they’re made of marzipan (I’m not a fan of marzipan, but it’s huge in Germany).

Germans love dogs, more than children. Dogs are welcome everywhere, including restaurants and shops. If a dog barks in a restaurant, no one says a thing. But, if your kid misbehaves be prepared for the famous German scowl. At Kaufhof, dogs are more than welcome, they even have their own parking spot in the gourmet food market.

So bring Fido and park him here, I love the short and tall sized water bowls!

After experiencing all of that Munich food shopping, I’ve usually worked up quite an appetite. My Tante Anni and Onkel Fritz always invite me over to their farm outside of Munich and she cooks all of my favorite foods: Knödel, Spätzle, Kalbsbraten (veal roast). She’s a fabulous cook, not as good as Mom was, but close!

And Finally…

Guten Appetit, (in Bavaria we say Mahlzeit). Now I’m drooling!

After the meal, you get a Schnaps or three. It aids with digestion, or so they say (probably just an excuse to keep drinking). This one is made from Damson plums (Zwetschgen) and is privately distilled by my Onkel Fritz and neighboring farmers in his village of Hergolding. It’s not available for purchase, sorry.

Everyone hungry now? What are your favorite food shops in Munich, or anywhere else? Before heading to Munich, check out Fairytale Bavarian Castles and Bavarian Food Guide.

Leave a comment, ask a question or email me. Keep traveling my friends.



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