Top Places to Visit in Hobart, Tasmania

Hobart is the capital, as well as the most populated city in Tasmania. It’s also a popular cruise port, with lots of shore excursion options, but the city is entirely doable on your own. This picturesque seaside city is relaxed and has a fun, artsy vibe with loads of restaurants, pubs and art galleries. There are so many places to visit in Hobart.

For those staying a few days, make time to venture about 90 minutes outside of the city to Port Arthur penal colony for some fascinating convict history. Or, visit the adorable historic village of Richmond and walk across the oldest bridge in Australia, stroll along the river, and check out the boutique shops and restaurants. For cruisers, these would be best visited with an arranged tour or driver to get you back to the ship on time.

While in Hobart, be sure to check out my favorites places to visit. If you’re only there for a day on a cruise stop, you can probably fit all of them in!

Cascades Female Factory

Cascades Female Factory is a World Heritage Site and well worth visiting. Watch the dramatization of Her Story to learn what life was like for the female convicts, not a fun life for sure! There is also a Heritage Walk tour that is extremely informative. Bring sunscreen and a hat, it can get hot there.

Salamanca Place

Take a short stroll along the beautiful waterfront to Salamanca Place. On Saturdays, there is a fabulous market with tons of souvenirs, produce, jewelry, street food and so much more to enjoy. Salamanca Place is a fun and lively district with historic sandstone warehouses that have been converted into quaint specialty shops, restaurants, cafés, and pubs. Stop by the Salamanca Market for a bottle of wine and some treats. When hunger strikes, try a lamb burger and the Mediterranean lamb pizza at the Brick Factory. Salamanca Place is a great place for mingling with the locals at cocktail hour!

But most of all make sure to stop and have a pint at Irish Murphy’s for a consultation!

Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary

Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary is about a 20-minute drive outside of Hobart, you can negotiate with a taxi driver to take you there, wait for you for an hour or so and then drive you back. The city and cruise ships also offers tours, but it’s much cheaper and faster to arrange a taxi driver (plus who wants to be stuck on a tour bus?). The animals at the Sanctuary are all rescues. You’ll find tons of Kangaroos hopping around freely, which you can hand feed and pet! There a feed boxes all over the place. Be sure to feed them with your hand held low or they will topple over backwards! There is also the famous Tasmanian Devil, koalas, wombats and fascinating birds and other animals native to Australia and Tasmania. Bonorong Sanctuary is definitively at the top of my list in Hobart and well worth it.

Cascade Brewery

There’s nothing better on a hot day than an ice cold beer, not to mention the perfect thing after a morning of sightseeing and walking. Stop by Australia’s oldest brewery and sample their fine ales. Take a tour, do a flight tasting and enjoy the view. My favorite is the Cascade Pale Ale, and it’s been brewed there since 1832! There’s a convenient restaurant with snacks and lunch items as well.

Elizabeth Street Mall

You know I wouldn’t forget to mention shopping, right? Hobart’s shopping district can be found on Elizabeth Street, just walk up the street from the waterfront. Elizabeth Street Mall is a few blocks up and is a cute pedestrian section with boutiques, restaurants and cafés. Sorry, I don’t have any photos since I was too busy engaging in some major retail therapy to take my camera out!

Be sure to visit some of my favorites in Hobart next time you are there. Read What To Do In Melbourne and Australia: Know Before You Go! if you’re planning a trip to Australia. Email or comment below. Pack your bags and keep traveling!



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